The Eternal Petals concept was inspired by a love for flowers…
“All my life I have been fascinated by flowers. I always loved taking care of them. I feel connected to them. As my mother in-law says: I have green fingers. Every time I had to throw wilted flowers away, I felt sad. Sometimes in winter roses died after just one day, which I thought was not fair.” – Airina Advani, Founder, Eternal Petals.
Through this passion for flowers, Airina was encouraged to find a way to keep real flowers – roses, alive for longer.
And she found it! A technique that allows for high-quality roses to blossom for a year and longer, with virtually no care required. No watering, always like new.
So, what is not to love about a luxurious and elegant arrangement of roses that stay fresh longer than ever thought possible?
A romantic gesture…a beautiful gift…a touch of class!
Eternal Petals is based in London and Dubai, both meccas of style and design, and cities that exude love, where the melting pot of cultures look for any opportunity to send flowers.